Level 100 Character Boost Gifts From Blizzard

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On the 7th of August, players around to world started receiving Level 100 Character Boosts gifts from Blizzard. It was meant as a celebration gift for the 15th Anniversary of World of Warcraft. After the leveling revamp (patch 7.3.5), the community was divided as it made the initial progress to the max level much harder but nevertheless the leveling boost was a very welcome gift. But only a mysterious portion of the community received such a gift.

(Blizzard Entertainment)

At first it was thought to be a gift for those who have been unsubscribed for a while but then people started reporting that they too have received a character boost despite having an active subscription. The explanation text for the gift itself starts with the phrase “Return to Azeroth…” so the gift itself implies that you’d receive it for being away for a while. The conditions in which the gifts are delivered seem ambiguous at the date this article is written. Do you think a level boost would be enough for you to return to Azeroth? Do you think every active player should get such a boost if they are given out to inactive players? Let the Murlocs family know what you think!

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