Kathra’natir: Lore Sundays

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This Sunday we will go through the lore of a less known character in the universe. Kathra’natir is a Nathrezim who is not known so much to Warcraft lovers. He is not much of a prominent figure either, but has quite interesting history.

Nathrezim or the dreadlords are intelligent and cunning demons and a notable piece of the Warcraft’s lore. They usually act as an intelligence agents, tacticians or lieutenants in wars. The Nathrezim serve the lords of the Burning Legion, more notably, Kil’jaeden. Almost all of the Nathrezim are accountable for some kind of an event and the end results. For example they are the ones who created the mighty runeblade Frostmourne. At one point in time, some of them were Lich King’s jailers.

Kathra'natir as seen ingame as a Nathrezim
Kathra’natir as seen ingame as a Nathrezim

The planet Navane

Kathra’natir on the other hand is a very powerful dreadlord. He was the last of the dreadlords to wield an ancient Nathrezim blade called Apocalypse. This weapon was passed to him at a time of a Burning Legion invasion. The planet they were invading was known as Navane. The planet was a home to a handful of intelligent races hostile between each other. Despite their differences, they formed an alliance together in order to battle the Burning Legion.

In this invasion, Kathra’natir was disguised as one of their own soldiers who walked among them. He whispered rumors of betrayal in every ear while his blade poisoned their minds. This combination led to a result of the defenders having lost the ability to reason. The old hatred between the races re-surfaced and soon enough, they started to fear each other more than they feared the Legion. In just one night, Navane’s army went to war with itself as a result to Kathra’natir’s actions. There was a bloodshed that night and by sunrise, no single soldier remained to oppose the Legion. Kathra’natir admired his work while the Legion consumed the planet.

Kathra’natir Banished

Kathra'natir vs. the Council of Tirisfal
Kathra’natir vs. the Council of Tirisfal
(via Warcraft comics)

Some 2600 years before the first war, Kathra’natir attacked the city of Dalaran. He spread disease and plague in the city and with the help of his blade poisoned the minds of the citizens. Every non-mage citizen of Dalaran was turned against the mage rulers of the city. While there, he stole the Amulet of Waters from the Council and used it to corrupt Lordamere Lake. Soon enough, he encountered the first Guardian of Tirisfal, Alodi, and the Council of Tirisfal itself. Kathra’natir was banished by Alodi and the Council and left his mighty sword Apocalypse behind.

Make sure you tune in for the next Sunday for more interesting lore pieces and the rest of Kathra’natir lore. Until then, make sure you see our last Sunday lore article about Wrathion.

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