Interesting and cool spots to take selfies in Azeroth

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World of Warcraft is a huge game that kept growing with every single expansion pack and currently shows no plans to change that. Since the world of Azeroth is vast and diverse with many types of biomes ranging from forests to deserts, there are many beautiful and interesting locations scattered across it which players could stumble upon on their explorations. However, the introduction of the selfie cam provided an extra reason for the players to search for such locations and take pictures of themselves in order to forever capture the hypnotizing essence of these locations. In today’s article, we will be going over our top five cool spots where you should take a selfie. Keep in mind that these are our picks and that your opinion may be different. With that out of the way, let’s get into it.

5. Shrine of Fellowship in the Jade Forest
The Jade Forest is one of the zones that was added with the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion and to be honest it is a beauty to look at. It mostly consists of lush green forests that are not too thick and green grassy planes with high cliffs popping out every now and again which usually have some Pandaren architecture on top of them which was clearly inspired by Chinese Culture. Overall, it is a beautiful zone that is overflowing with Pandaren culture and is even decorated by a large Dragon statue made entirely of jade. If you are looking to take a selfie with the lustrous landscape in the background, then Jade Forest is the zone where you should be heading.


4. The river mouth in southern Howling Fjord
The Howling Fjord was added with the Wrath of the Lich King WoW expansion pack and if you happened to be playing an Alliance character on your first visit to the Howling Fjord, you were probably in awe when you were greeted with the cliffsides upon sailing into Valgarde. Under the large bridge, suspended by chains between two cliffs is a Vrykul ship on fire with black smoke emitting from it. If you are looking for a spot that truly depicts the carnage of Warcraft while giving you an insight into the Vrykul culture, then this should be your go-to spot.


3. Tenebrous Cavern in Vashj’ir
Vashj’ir is a zone which was added to World of Warcraft way back with the Cataclysm expansion and as most players already know, it is a zone that is entirely under the surface of the ocean. Now it is common knowledge that not many players are fans of the underwater zones of Warcraft, but whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it looks freaking beautiful. The vibrant colors, the giant underwater mushrooms, the beautiful corals and the floating jellyfish are but a few reasons why you should visit Vashj’ir if you wish to take a great looking selfie.


2. The beach behind Ahn’Qiraj
This location is kind of a secret, although it has been in the game since pretty much since the early days of the first World of Warcraft. Located behind the Ahn’Qiraj, there is a completely empty, but none the less beautiful beach coast. This place simply looks mesmerizing and is a perfect roleplaying spot or a great location to visit if you are a romantic and want to take a selfie with your significant other in a romantic setting.


1. Halaani Basin in Nagrand
Nagrand is and has always been one of the most popular zones with the WoW player base and for a good reason. Added with the Burning Crusade expansion, Nagrand was one of the few if not the only zone that looked beautiful and brimming with life after all of the events that transpired and damaged the continent that we now know as Outland. The open green pastures, the meandering rivers and the floating rocks with waterfalls coming down from them are all feature that makes this zone truly beautiful and one of the most popular selfie spots.

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