How To Level With Pet Battles

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World of Warcraft is a wondrous land which is filled with adventurers, warriors, craftsman, and wizards both seasoned and aspiring and while at first glance, they seem to have little in common, there is one desire that they all share and that is to reach the maximum level as fast as possible and with the least amount of effort. Today we will be providing you with one such solution that will deprive you of experiencing the in-game features and most of it wonders but will quickly raise your characters level to maximum and won’t require you to put any effort into the game.

To start things off, we will need to gain access to a character who is at least level 20 which if your character is an allied race already is, and in case it isn’t, you can easily get to level 20 within a couple of hours by doing quests.

After getting a character to level 20, you would want to gain as much bonus experience that you can. The easiest and simplest way to gain an experience boost is to activate War Mode which can be done in Stormwind if your character is a member of the Alliance or in Orgrimmar if your character is a member of the horde.

The second source of bonus experience will come from heirloom items which can be purchased and upgraded at the heirloom vendor in Iron Forge for the Alliance or the heirloom vendor in Undercity for the Horde. There are other sources which will offer you specific heirlooms such as rings but the majority can be purchased from the designated vendors.
Lastly, you will want to obtain specific experience buffs which are only available during specific in-game holidays such as Midsummer Fire Festival or World of Warcraft anniversary event.

After doing all that, we are ready to head to our leveling zone, more specifically the city of Dalaran. In order to get there on a low-level character, you might want to hire a mage from your faction and request a teleport from him. You can do that by asking in the “General” or “Trade” chat, or by asking a friend or a guildmate.

The next step is locating the Dalaran Pet trainer and the NPC you are searching for once again depends on your faction. If you are a member of the Alliance you will be looking for Lio the Lioness, if you are a representative of the Horde, you will seek out Serr’ah.

Now that we have found the Pet Battle Trainer, all we have to do is challenge the trainer to a pet battle and win it over and over in order to gain a lot of experience and level up. Keep in mind that this method will not provide your pets with a lot of experience but it will for your character. It is also worth noting that this method will succeed only if the Pet Battle World Quest event is active which happens often enough.


Automating the process
This whole process can be automated but it is a bit tricky. Nevertheless, we will do our best to try and explain it and hopefully, by the end of this article you will succeed in automating the process and will be able to level up while being AFK.

Add-ons that you will need:
tdBattlePetScript Rematch

You will also need to write a script in AutoIt/AHK or create a bunch of macros, although the script makes the whole process automatic, while the macros just make the whole thing a bit easier.
After you install the required add-ons, you will need to check which Battle Pet Trainer is up. Once you have that information, go to Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies and choose a team which has the least amount of RNG abilities and you are all set.

Upon doing this you will see two different buttons “Rematch String” and “TD Script”. What you want to do is click the “Rematch String” button and import the desired team into your Wow Rematch Addon. The next step is to import a script for your pets to utilize and you will need to assign a hotkey to your tdBattlePetScript. It can be any button, but scroll on your mouse would be probably the best option.

The next thing you would want to do is set a keybind which will cause your character to interact with the targeted NPC. Afterward, you want to create a macro to target the desired trainer, which you will have to adjust for every World Quest. Lastly, you will want to create a macro which will say the following: “/script SelectGossipOption(1” which will automate the whole process.
Upon finishing a battle, you will always be teleported to the same spot in front of the trainer, which will require you to run a little bit towards the trainer to start the next battle. This can be avoided by adding a command to the script which will “press your W button” for around 1.3 seconds.

Additionally, you might want to create a hotkey to revive all of your pets by either using a bandage or using the cooldown within the Battle Pet tab which is available every couple of minutes.

Script requirements:

1. Hold down “w” for 1.3 seconds
2. “Target the trainer”
3. “Interact with target”
4. “Press tdbattlepetscript hotkey”
5. “Wait around 1.5 seconds until you press it again – save the number of presses in some variable- keep pressing the button until the number of presses > 100
(means: after 150 seconds, aka 2.5 minutes, you assume the pet battle will be over, which is the case, from my experience you can expect a pet battle to last maybe 100 seconds, but I would always add a buffer, because of random crits etc)
6. After you leave this loop: use a hotkey to revive pets
7. Repeat

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