How Awakened Will Change Mythic+ and MDI

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Before Corrupted changed name to Awakened, we talked about what it was and what it did. But due to its uniqueness, how will it change the Esports scene and what is the effect of Awakened in Mythic+?


There was a fish available at the start of the dungeon to fill the role of Bwomsamdi in season 2, but in the latest PTR builds it is gone. So no more buff.

Before going on into everyday Mythic+ experience and Awakened effect, let’s talk about MDI and esports.

Awakened in MDI

If we take a look back at the last MDI and the ones before it, we will see something very similar between all of the teams, composition, and to be precise they like stacking.

taken from

This composition is for MDI 2019 finals, and the same composition is seen in almost all groups that won. A protection Warrior, two Unholy Deathknight and a Rogue.

pic taken from

This is MDI 2019 time trials compositions. That’s a ton of Rogue, Protection Warriors and Druids!

So Many Unholy Deathknight in MDI

Why there are so many Unholy DKs in the MDI? the answer is simple, Insanely high AoE DPS. With the right timing and some big pulls, Unholy DK can burst DPS by a huge amount.

What’s behind this large DPS burst is the scaling of Bursting Sores (talent) in multiple target situations, and other AoE spells of Unholy Deathknights.

will Awakened change this composition of DKs?

Probably not. If anything, it probably encourages these stacking of high AoE DPS specs. But nothing is for sure, we might see more diversity in season 4 because of the class changes that happened, or new strategies around Awakened. But why Awakened will probably not change high AOE DPS stacking? Let’s see below.

Rogues and MDI

It’s not the first time we see so many Rogues in MDI, but they might not play a huge role in the coming MDI. The <Tank, Healer, Rogue, Rogue, DPS> is a very common composition in runs where time matters and you want to be quick.

But why there are so many Rogues, even in high level Mythic+ keys? The main reason is not the DPS, but Shroud of Concealment. The best way to skip part of the dungeon fast and to avoid unnecessary mobs. This is the best way to play fast and kill a minimum amount of mobs each dungeon. This is the reason we see rouges mostly in time Trials.

Will Awakaned change this Composition of Rouges?

Probably Yes (if they are not brought for their DPS, which is among the best in AOE)!

Awakened is already offering free skips if you do it with that in mind. The Obelisks of Awakened are placed on places where you usually shroud and skip. Killing the mini-bosses inside the Obelisk also gives you mob count (~2%). Another good thing is that there are 4 Obelisks present in dungeon, which makes your skips flexible and you can take each route you want. It should also be noted that portals you create are linked (at least in PTR), meaning if you create a portal by killing mini-boss from Obelisk 1, you can use Obelisk 2 and come out of Obelisk 1 portal (Portals created by killing mini-bosses are only used to come out of Corrupted phase).

Awakened Obelisks positions
Taken from Wowhead

With these in mind, we probably see fewer rogues as there are more skips available to players and you can only skip a few times due to mob counter (the % bar). But anything can happen, so we have to wait and see till season 4.

Awakened in Mythic+

What is the effect of Awakened in normal Mythic+ runs, where the 2 rouge composition is not very seen? Rogues still have a high presence in Mythic+ Keys above 15, Though Shroud is not the only reason why.

10-14 Mythic+ Keys

Rogues are not the dominant class in this range of Keystones, and their Shroud is not used a lot. Awakened might reduce the overall rogues, but it probably won’t be noticeable. Rogues already have a great toolkit of CC and utilities, with Sap, Blind, and Vanish and Cloak of Shadows. Time is not the most important factor in this range of Keystone and its more about completing the dungeon, in the most efficient way.

15 and up Mythic+ Keys

Rogues are the dominant class in this key range (17.9% and 4.1% for Outlaws and Assassination, according to RIO) and aside from their good utilities, DPS, and CC they are used for Shroud and skips. To complete a dungeon in timer and push it to higher keys, you need to be faster and skips are the best way to be fast.

Luckily, Awakened is providing that opportunity to skip the dungeon in some places and create portals around the dungeons. This might damage Rogue’s presence in Mythic+ 15 keys and above, but overall they have a good toolkit and might not fall from grace that easily.


In general, we might see fewer rogues in time trials and more diverse classes in MDI due to the nature of Awakened. There is no longer a need of Shroud to skip unless Obelisks are not in the desired location or the group has something else in mind.

In day to day Mythic+ runs, for 10-14 keys Awakened don’t hit hard on rogues and there probably won’t be any noticeable drop of Rogue presence. For 15+ keys rogues might no longer be the dominant class as their shroud is no longer needed in most cases.

But if you are a rogue, panic not! Rogues are still a very good class due to good AOE DPS and toolkits.

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