Horrific Visions – Solo Guide

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Legendary Cloaks are one of the major things in Patch 8.3 for your Character progression because it is obtained easily, but requires effort to upgrade it. Although it is recommended to bring at least one friend to the Horrific Vision with you, but this guide is a Horrific Vision Solo run guide.

Horrific Visions (Visions of N’zoth) is a major feature added to Patch 8.3 and they are required to do if you don’t want to fall behind your legendary Upgrade. There are many strategies out there that but most of them include taking risks.

Here we will go through each Legendary Cloak upgrade and how to do your Horrific Visions safe, and optimal. Doing them safe does not mean we just go there for our legendary upgrade, we want the maximum amount of Corrupted Momento which is safe to get from each vision and completion of Cloak Upgrade objectives.

Short Advice on Horrific Visions

If you don’t want to read the full guide, you can read these and create your own strategy.

  • Do not get hit by any AoE spells. This one is very important as most of the AoE spells drain your sanity. You don\t want to risk getting hit by them.
  • Always stay above 300 Sanity. If you are going safe way, and you want the minimal risk of losing the Horrific vision, try to always stay above 300 sanity. Although the orb will restore all of your sanity but you don’t want the risk of getting into combat and not being able to finish it before dying, as the orb cannot be used in combat.
  • Interrupt Crowd Contol Spells. Few mobs in Horrific Visions cast Crowd Control effects, the first one you encounter is Fear which you should try to interrupt. These spells might cause you into trouble you did not account for.
  • Killing the last boss may take from 250 to 800 sanity. If you have a low item level, killing the last boss may take around 300~400 sanity. But if you don’t dodge spells and be careless you might lose much more. You can defeat boss faster, thus draining less sanity, but if you want to kill the boss, try to fight it with at least ~600 sanity, just in case something goes wrong.

This is what you need to compile your own safe way to earn as much Corrupted Momento as you can, and upgrade your legendary Cloak.

Horrific Visions Zones

Before you read you should take note :

  • The main objective location, where the boss is located is called Tainted Area.
  • The medium difficulty locations are named Corrupted Area.
  • The hard difficulty locations are named Lost Area.

Before Starting

Before going to Horrific Visions, you might need to bring some consumables or change your talents or essences. Since you are doing Horrific Visions solo, you need to bring some health potions just in case something goes wrong.


Most of the fights in Horrific Visions are AoE, and solo fights (except for the main boss) are not that hard and don’t have much HP. But I would recommend a mixture of Solo target and AoE. Your normal talents for M+ should work.


Although essences play a somewhat huge rule in your DPS, you can go for what you like be it single target or AoE. However, if your class have serious self-healing issue, either slot Crucible of flames for your major (to heal yourself in times of need) or read consumables section. Classes like Demon Hunter are safe to go with their BiS or any essence they like.

Horrific Vision Consumables & Foods

Aside from normal consumables and foods, there are special foods for Horrific Visions. You can use anything you want, or don’t use at all. they are not much needed. But you might want to take Horrific Vision foods with you for extra care.

  • Baked Voidfin: Increase your movement speed by 20% in Visions of N’zoth while well fed.
    • This buff is very useful if your class is slow and lacks mobility, but you have self healings.
  • Dubious Delight: reduce the duration of incoming crowd control effects by 20% for 1 hour while in a Vision of N’zoth while well fed.
    • Useful? Probably not very much.
  • Ghastly Goulash: regenerate 2% of your max health per sec while in a Vision of N’zoth while well fed.
    • This one is actually the best if you don’t have self-healing. Recommended.
  • Grilled Gnasher: While well fed, you assume the form of a K’thir, reducing the range that enemies will attack you while in a Vision of N’zoth for 10 minutes.
    • This one is very useful if you want to skip mobs instead of fighting them. It acts like Rogues stealth and might help you a lot
  • K’Bab: If you spend at least 10 seconds eating, instantly restore 100 Sanity. (3 Min Cooldown).
    • K’Bab is also very useful if used in the right place. Use this in the tainted area where the least amount of sanity is drained every second because you have to stand still for 10 seconds to get the 100 sanity. So with Cloak rank 4, each K’Bab on tainted area will give you around ~50 sanity.

Stormwind Horrific Vision

Stormwind Full Clear Guide

Stormwind Horrific Vision Full Clear Guide

Cloak Rank 1-4

From rank 1 to 3 your sanity drain 20% slower in Horrific Visions and in rank 4 this is increased to 25%. In these ranks, because of the low resistance, it is advised to clear one Corrupted area and then come back to clear the Tainted Area. This does not mean you can’t clear the second Corrupted Area, you can if you risk a little more by pulling larger packs or doing more damage, but this is the safe way to finish Horrific Visions in these levels. Each run will give you around ~470 Corrupted Momento (300 from the end chest).


Horrific Visions safe path.

This is the recommended path for the safest way to optimize your Corrupted Momento gain. Let’s explain it:

  • The red circles indicate stop points, where you stop and kill every mob you pulled.
  • The Yellow circles indicate potential orb uses. If you have lower than ~250 sanity use orb at these places. You can pull mobs under your orbs and kill them.

Your first start at the circle located on the map, there are 3 packs of mobs ahead of you. They are harmless and you can pull all three of them, but you should leave the third pack and don’t kill them, as one mob from the second pack and one from the third begin casting and don’t move until interrupted.

Horrific Visions Starting Location

In the second pack, there is a mob casting Fear which you should interrupt if she ever cast it.

  • Your first stop will be at the two Fallen Riftwalker. You can use your Class Cooldowns at them if they have lower than 4 minutes cooldown.
    They will cast two spells:
    • Rift Strike: The Riftwalker will teleport behind you and a purple swirl will appear underneath you. Upon completing the cast if you are standing in the line of purple swirl you will get stunned. You can stun them to avoid this cast.
    • Shadow Shift: This one will reduce their damage taken by 75%. Interrupt this.
  • Your second stop will be the Cathedral exit tunnel. After killing Riftwalkers pull all the mobs to the exit tunnel. Nothing special there, same as the first pack there is a mob casting fear.

Note: You will not enter in combat with The Corrupted Tumors on the bridge between Zones. Don’t waste time killing them, don’t stay on their patch of Corruption.

  • The third stop will be at the three gnomes. You need to wait 2-3 seconds for the role-playing and then kill all the three gnomes then head to the dwarven district.

Upon entering the Dwarven District, after killing the three gnomes you get a new object, plant explosives around the District. After planting the first bomb, the location that is shown as (2) in the path map, if you have lower than ~250 (which you shouldn’t have) use your first orb, otherwise move to the second bomb.

  • After plating the second explosive, you should have around ~250 sanity. We don’t want to risk here! Use your orb and pull the elite (Forge-Guard Hurrul) near you under the orb.
    • The ability you should avoid is Entropic Leap. This ability will reduce your sanity, and you will be knocked out of your orb. But by that time he casts this spell, you have full sanity.
Killing elite under the orb

You can bring other mobs into the fight while killing the elite. this will buy you more time. After killing Forge-Guard Hurrul, go around pulling and killing mobs and planting explosives.

After planting all the explosives, detonate the explosives and the main elite will appear.

  • Before detonating the explosives, if you have lower than 400 sanity use your orb. This fight will most likely drain around 250-300 sanity if you dodge all of his spells. If you don’t dodge he will reduce your sanity heavily and you might risk dying. Therum Deepforge has the following Abilities:
    • Throw Bomb: Therum Deepforge will throw 2 explosives under your feet. Upon exploding deals damage and create a patch of fire.
      Dodge this ability and Don’t step in the patch of fire created as it will reduce your sanity by ~25 each second.
    • Empowered Forge Breath: After a 2-second cast he will breathe fire in a cone in front of him. Standing in this ability will reduce ~20 sanity each second.

After killing Therum Deepforge take the portal back to Cathedral, appearing behind his original spawn point.

You should now have more than ~600 sanity and one remaining orb. If you wish you can dive deeper and go into Trade District, but since we are going safe and the main goal is to defeat the boss for Cloak Upgrade, you can clear the tainted area (the main area) and then go defeat Alleria.

Be sure to use your orb before fighting Alleria. She now has the Throw Bomb ability from Therum Deepforge.

  • Alleria Windrunner is the main objective for Rank 1-4. Fighting her takes ~350 sanity in an optimal way (Average DPS and dodging her spells) She has the following spells:
    • Darkened Sky: After a one second cast arrows will fly from the sky down to your position. getting hit by these arrows reduce your sanity by ~50.
      After she finished casting Darkened sky, run away from the arrows.
    • Void Eruption: The game warns you about this spell and all you need to do is hide from her view.

After killing Alleria your run will be over and MOTHER will get you out of Horrific Vision. After each Horrific Vision run that you do solo, adjust your strategy to dive even deeper into the vision. While doing Horrific Visions solo has some downsides, there are some good things about it too like you don’t need to worry about group mechanics that was placed in Horrific visions. But if you die in there, it will be over and no one is there to revive you.

Orgrimmar Horrific Vision

Orgrimmar Full Clear Guide

Orgrimmar Horrific Vision Full Clear Guide

Cloak Rank 1-4

To Upgrade your cloak from rank 1 to 4 you only need to kill the last boss, But you can clear much more. We recommend clearing on Corrupted Area and the Tainted Area (Main Boss) from rank 1 to 4, but you can push more and clear two Corrupted Area but it can be difficult. Once you hit rank 5, you lose 40% less sanity in Horrific Visions and from there you can start clearing Lost areas and a possible full clear.


You will start from the Blue dot once the vision starts. Move to the first blue arrow and from there kill the 2 guards standing at Thrall’s gate and all the mobs you aggroed.

  • After killing the guards and other mobs, go near the Auction House mailbox and use the mailbox on the ground for a chance to get a mount.

Move through the Blue arrow and enter the first Corrupted zone. Upon entering the zone you will get a new corruption Affix. The first thing you will see is Zekhan. Help him to defeat mobs around him and then move to the third Blue Arrow, and kill the elite there.

After killing the elite the tunnel will open, and you need to go through it to complete the objectives. Move to the last Blue arrow and kill mobs around Totems and click on them to release our allies.

  • You need to click on the totem in order. You can’t click on the second totem if you haven’t unlocked the first one.

After clicking on every totem go to the red dot and kill the last boss of the zone.

After killing the last boss start moving through the yellow arrows. Upon reaching the yellow dot and entering the next Corrupted zone, Help Garona and kill the elite you see.

  • After killing the Elite, Wait for Garona and talk to her after she wakes up.

After freeing Garona, visit the locations marked at your minimap and remove the obstacles. The is an elite appearing in the Leatherworkers shop which you need to help Garona deal with it. After visiting every location, Kill the elite at the red dot.

After that use the totem at the star and you will be returned to the white start at the beginning. You are now free to kill Thrall.

  • While fighting Thrall, pay attention to the spells he casts. He now also two additional abilities from the elites you defeated.

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