Gold Making Guide Part 3: Professions and Shuffling + Classic

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In Gold Making Guide Part 2 we discussed common terms of Gold Making such as Shuffling and Flipping. As we said we will talk about a few of those terms in Gold Making Guide Part 3.

Professions have always been a part of WoW, although lately, they losed their impact on character progression, they are still the most viable gold making way. With that being said, let’s take a look at professions in Battle For Azeroth and as a bonus, World of Warcraft Classic.

Any kind of ranking you see from here is based on demand and not the price. For this reason, I will only talk about the demand for an item and not its price.

Hands down Alchemy is one of the best gold making professions, if not the best, This is also the case for WoW Classic.

There is a constant demand for consumables Alchemy creates, such as Potions and Flasks.

Potion of Unbridled Fury is the best consumable for many classes which causes constant demand for it.

Abyssal Healing Potion is also used a lot in Mythic+ keystones and in Raids, which makes it profitable too.

Flasks all have high demand and will be sold in no time.

Blacksmithing is also like Tailoring and Leatherworking. It have some good cosmetics which can be sold after a while, and some catch up items which seems useless compared to other catch up items.

Inflatable Mount Shoes is the most popular mount equipment which makes them very good to sell.

Monel-Hardened Stirrups is also a good seller.

Enchanting is one of those professions that there is always a demand for its enchants, which causes it to be somewhat profitable.

Most of the enchants are cheap in Full realms, and basically in most of the realms but created in large quantities, you can make great profit.

Ring enchants are way cheaper than Weapon enchants, but the demand for them is also high, because of the high drop rate of rings in comparison to weapons.

Rank 3 of enchants greatly increases your profit, so aim to get rank 3 as soon as you can.

Inscription is also somewhat profitable, as it crafts few different items.

Tome of the Quiet mind is one of those items with high demand, because people always need to change talent.

With the not so much recent change to Contracts, there is also demand for them because they need to be reused every week

Glyphs are also good source of gold but there isn't much demand for most of them so you need to relist them in AH few times if you are not lucky, but overall they are very profitable.

Tailoring is widely used to create bags.

Although you can create some mounts, they are tailoring only which makes them not that much sought after.

You can also create new mount equipment, Saddlechute but they don't have much demand.

You can also create green items which you can sell for expulsom.

Engineering is widely used to create and sell mounts in terms of gold making. Most of the items crafted with Engineering can be sold, but it's not the best gold making profession.

Leatherworking is like tailoring, have some useful items which can be sold, but there is not high demand for them.

Old world cosmetic items can be crafted and sold, but will take a lot of time.

Coarse Leather Barding have good demand because of its short duration and usefulness.

Comfortable Rider's Barding is the mount equipment version of Coarse Leather Barding, but don't have the high demand.

Jewelcrafters main income is from Gems!

There is a high demand for sockets, but they are cheap. You can make a lot of gold if you control the market but on average you can make steady, average amount of gold with Jewelcrafting.

Old mounts like Panthers are also great source of gold for jewelcrafters.

Herbalism is the best gathering profession in term of gold making. There is always high demand for herbs thanks to Alchemy, which makes herbs a little more expensive than other crafting materials. Anchor Weed price went up with 8.2 launch and stayed that way because of high demand and low supply.

Mining is also good because Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting rely on it. Not the best compared to Herbalism, but you can make some gold out of it.

Skinning is sometimes even better than Herbalism (For example Dredged leather was sold for 2x price of Zin'anthid), but only near raid releases or few weeks after that. The reason behind that is with the recent change to professions in BfA, Leatherworkers,Tailors and Blacksmiths can create items for themselves which they can reroll the stats on them by scrapping them and re-crafting them. Which makes both mining and skinning great after raid releases but Leatherworking is more popular because of the high population of leather wearer classes.

Cooking is very good to make gold as foods have high demand thanks to Mythic Plus and raid. You can make a lot of gold making foods with materials you get while questing or shuffling.

Fishing is also very good. Fishes can be sold for good amount thanks to cooking. Its a great gold making profession if you don't want to do anything but sitting in one place and fishing.

In Classic Phase 1, things are pretty much the same. With Alchemy being one of the top gold makers. But some things are also different,
for example, Blacksmithing makes a lot of gold due to Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. You can create Sulforon Hammer, and sell it which is required for the Legendary. You can also learn how to obtain Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros from here.
Mining also makes a lot of gold selling materials required to create Sulforon Hammer.

Best Strategy I suggest is going with double gather if you are leveling up ( Classic or BfA) which makes a lot of gold, and Alchemy + Herb at max level. I have an alt with Herbalism in BfA which I use to gather materials for Alchemy and have Alchemy + Leatherworking on my Main. Alchemy to create consumables to sell and Leatherworking to create Bind on Pickup items that can’t be accessed otherwise.

One thing you should look out for is the items mentioned in Part 2 :
Gilded Seaweave can be sold for a good amount of gold and is dropped frequently (drops from Humanoids), And Rubbery Flank which is used to cook with cooking and sold for a good amount of gold.


Shuffling was explained in part two, now we are going to see how it works in action.
Let’s take cooking as an example. For this example, I will use real data to show exactly what to expect.

Bil’Tong is one of the foods with a healthy Supply and Demand ratio. It requires 8x Rubbery Flank and 1x Aromatic Fish Oil and 3x Foosaka.
At rank 3, you create 10x Bil’Tong with said materials.

Here is some info about Bil’Tong in my server, Draenor EU.

And here is some info about Rubbery Flank.

Market Analyse for Gold Making

Each Rubbery Flank is sold at the average price of 68g, as it can be seen in the picture, but you can buy it cheaper if you send a WTB request in Trade chat.

Let’s say you buy 8x for the total price of 544g (at 68g each).
You can create 10x of Bil’Tong, which can be sold for 690g (at 69g each).
This equals to a 144g profit for shuffling which can be a lot higher if you manage to get cheaper materials. In the long run this can make you a ton of gold.

Shuffling is also a good strategy in Classic but you need to know how to read the market to get the best profit.

Stay tuned for the next part, which we will be speaking about other strategies if you want to dedicate yourself to gold making.

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