Gold Making Guide part 2 : Common Terms and Strategies

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Welcome back to part 2 of gold making guide series. If you missed part 1 of this guide you can read it here. In this part we will be speaking about common term of gold making which you will see among gold making communities. We are also getting into business with small strategies to make gold while playing the game normally, and also introducing you to gold making addons!

Let’s first see the commons terms of gold making, and what are they.

Common Terms

  • AH :Auction House
  • BoE : Bind on Equip (items you can sell in AH or trade chat)
  • TUJ : The Under Mine Journal. A very useful AH database. Check it out and see for yourself.

  • TSM :
    is an addon. This is an addon which a lot of people use for gold making. This addon helps you see Auction House data, how much gold you’ve made and help you place auctions a lot faster. My advice is that you download this addon if you want to get into AH business. This addon also comes with a lot of other features as well like what mail you’ve sent or received and a lot more.
    You can read TSM instruction from here. There are also guides at their site, but we will get to guides soon.

  • Snipe :
    Sniping is an act of buying something which people put on AH for much lower prices than the average price. For example you want to put 10 herbs on AH for 30g/each, but you forget to set the price to ‘per unit’, you list the 10 herbs for 30 gold which will make it 3g/each. Some people have done this mistake and noticed somebody almost immediately bought the items. This is the term used a lot in Gold Making Communities.

    TSM snipe section

  • Shuffle :
    Shuffling is having the raw material, and make something with those raw materials. For example ore is a raw material and if you make some gems with those ore, you shuffled the ore. Shuffling is one of those profitable things in gold making which we will talk about later.

  • Flip :
    Flipping is buying an item with a lower price than average (not as low to be considered snipping) and reselling it for a higher price and make a profit. Flipping has its own risks and we will talk about the risks and how to deal with it.

  • Reset :
    Resetting is buying all of the listings of a specific item (or atleast cheap ones) to reset its price to a higher one. This one also has its own risk which are higher than flipping.

  • Walling :
    Posting high amount of single stacks at a lower price than average to make new listing of that item lower than the price you want. This is a counter to Reset to make prices lower after a reset in AH.

  • 2×4 group :
    If you search in custom section of group finder, you will see a lot of 2×4 groups. It means two groups of 4 players. This is related to how tagging a mob works. When you tag a mob, you are eligible for its loot, and only 5 players can tag a mob (exception on rare mobs). But if you are a group of 4 and tag a mob, then there is one slot left, the other group will tag the mob and since one person from the second group tagged the mob, all of the group are eligible for loot. This simple trick will boost multi-boxers a lot.

    2x4 groups in group finder

Passive Gold Making Strategies

Passive gold making is making gold without really doing much. Legion had great sources of this, but from BfA Blizzard changed a lot of the sources. In Legion you could just run table missions to get hefty amount of gold every week, which caused WoW token price spikes. So let’s see what you can do in Bfa.

  • Mission Table :
    While they are not as useful as Legion, they still do give gold, just not that much. Each mission gives around 100-300 gold and another 200-400 gold from bonus. They are not always available, but a good passive gold if you have 10 alts.
  • Clothes and Materials :
    If you do world quests normally, you kill a lot of mobs. Every Item that they drop is a good drop because they give you a little bit of gold, but some drops worth more than others. Specially clothes and cooking materials. For example in my server, each Gilded Seaweave is sold between 15-9g/each and you get a lot of these while questing in Nazjatar. Reading the market is very important on when to sell the items, which we will talk about it later.
    Here is a list of items you should keep an eye on, and sell them on AH :
    • Gilded Seaweave :
      Drops from Humanoids (nagas for example) in Nazjatar.
      Gilded Seaweave in untermine journal
    • Rubbery Flank :
      Drops from Beasts in Nazjatar. Selling for 49g/each in my realm.
      Rubbery flank in TUJ
    • Any green item can be sold for 100-200g on AH or trade chat or vendored for 30-100.

    • Barnacled Lockbox : This lockbox contains 40-60g and a green item and considering green items can be sold for 90g+, they worth 150g on average. But you need somebody to open this for you if you can’t. Some people buy these lockboxes for 50-60g.

    • Any white item that can be sold on AH.
  • Paragon Chests :
    This one actually yields the least amount if you are not into world quests but each paragon chest you open, contains at least 4k gold. There are 8 reputations in BfA and I personally open one paragon chest every 3-4 days, though this does not mean I farm 10k rep in 3 days, earning 10k rep takes at least a week for me. But its something you don’t put a lot of effort in, if you do world quests.

These are some of the simple gold making strategies that I used, to earn small and sometimes high amount of gold. If you need lots of gold, there are some requirements and they require some effort, which we will speak in the next episode

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