Five Most Powerful Spells in WoW Lore

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We all know that in WoW most of the characters have many spells and abilities that they can use both in and out of combat and some of those spells are more powerful than others, but in the WoW lore, spells work a little differently. Most of them are a lot harder to cast and require special items to be cast successfully. There are also some spells in WoW lore which are so powerful that they belong on an entirely different scale so today we will be going over five of the most powerful spells in WoW lore.

5. Vortex in Darkshore
When the ravaging events of Cataclysm occurred, one of the many zones that suffered significant damage was Darkshore. In fact, Darkshore was the zone that was hit the hardest, so much so that it was going to break apart from the mainland. Luckily, the archdruid Malfurion stepped into the center of all the calamity in an effort to save the land. Malfurion used his druidic powers to conjure a huge tornado in order to hold the landmass together and stop it from drifting into the sea.

4. Water Elementals
The Focusing Iris is an ancient artifact that belonged to the Blue Dragonflight which was later stolen by the Horde and turned into a mana bomb which was dropped on Theramore city and it was completely annihilated. Since Jaina Proudmoore ruled over Theramore, she wanted to take revenge on the Horde. After locating the Iris, she turned to ancient books of magic and created a spell which could summon thousands of water elementals and could combine them into a huge tidal wave which she wanted to unleash on the city of Orgrimmar. Luckily, she decided not to go through with this plan.

3. Destruction Azsuna
Azsuna was once a very important part of the empire of Night Elves. Prince Farondis ruled over his kingdom from these lands and he was one of the advisors whom Queen Azshara held in very high regard. Farondis noticed that the Queen was being manipulated by the demon Sargeras and he had decided to put a stop to it by destroying the Well of Eternity. Farnodis was betrayed, and the Queen decided to punish him by casting a spell so powerful that it not only destroyed the Prince and his palace but the entire zone of Azsuna, all of the Prince’s followers and cast all of them into a fate of eternal suffering by forcing them to live forever as spirits, never being able to reach true peace.

2. Destruction of Dalaran
The city of Dalaran has been the center of magic for thousands of years, and many great mages and wizards studied there and honed their skills, however, even with all those powerful wizards residing there, the city wasn’t able to withstand the demonic magic that was cast upon it. During the Third War, the evil lich Kel’Thuzad found a way to summon a powerful demon to Azeroth called Archimonde. After arriving in Azeroth, Archimonde made a model of Dalarn City in the sand and then proceeded to crush the model with his hands which in turn made the real city crumble which lead to many deaths.

1. Destruction of Nathreza
Natherza is the homeworld of the race of Dreadlords, otherwise known as Nathrezim. Before the heroes invaded the continent of Outland, Illidan Stormrage decided to invade the homeworld of the Dreadlords. Thanks to his skilled Illidari, he was able to dispatch of the demons and gain access to the Seal of Argus. Afterward, Illidan had decided to close the portal predicting that it would have the same effect on their world as the shattering of Draenor. It turned out that he was right and the world of Nathreza blew up taking the lives of many demons and since the world was located inside of the Twisting Nether, all of the deaths were permanent which dealt a huge blow to the Burning Legion.

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