Five interesting Secrets In World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is an enormous game and as such contains many mysteries, secrets and easter eggs, so much that some of them have remained hidden to this day, even though the World of Warcraft is almost 15 years old. In order to bring some of these mysteries to light, we are providing you with 5 interesting secrets which can be found in World of Warcraft.


1. Secret City of Gnome Atlantis
To start things off at number one, we have the secret city of Gnome Atlantis which looks exactly like you would picture it after hearing its name. Located far to the southeast of the Tanaris coastline, behind the fatigue zone is the mysterious sunken gnomish city. The city itself is completely empty of any quests and NPCs and is almost impossible to explore without dying to fatigue. The purpose of this sunken city has been a mystery since its discovery and has remained such to this day. Some speculate that the developers used this as a prototype for other gnomish regions but so far, there have been no confirmations regarding these rumors.

2. Exploding Sheep
This interesting secret takes us into the green regions of Elwynn Forest. If you are familiar with this zone, you probably know that it contains a large waterfall and right near the top of it, players can find a lonely gnome called Agee Tyler and his flock of sheep. However, if you take a closer look at the sheep, you will notice that they are not real, but mechanical sheep which if attacked would explode, knocking the player away in the process and usually ending things with blowing them off the nearby cliff. Nobody can see a true purpose to these mechanical sheep other than to punish mean players who wander around the world killing innocent animals.


3. Spirits of Azeroth
World of Warcraft is filled with many cities, towns, and settlements which are more often than not populated by a specific clan or a race of denizens, but some of these locations seem abandoned and decaying at least at first glance, until one decides to take a closer look at them and realize that they are in fact inhabited by the lost souls of those who have passed on. Locations such as Raven Hill in Duskwood and the courtyard of Undercity along with many other ones are populated with spirit NPCs which can only be seen by equipping special items. In some of these cases, players can even interact with the ghostly denizens.


4. Chickens of Westfall
Westfall is a region which contains many farms and farm folk who live their lives tending to those farms and animals on them. In such a region, it is not uncommon to encounter chickens and other farm animals on your leveling journey. Lucky for you though, you don’t have to on this journey alone as you can get your own little chicken friend within this zone to follow you around. To receive your own Westfall chicken pet, you have to find Farmer Salean and buy some special chicken feed from him. After you do so, find a chicken and spam the /cluck emote on it until the chicken becomes puzzled by your actions. Once that happens, do a /cheer emote on it and the chicken will offer you a quest which will require you to feed it. After you give the special feed to the chicken, you will receive your own fine feathered friend.

5. Mysterious Hatch in Sholazar Basin

Sholazar Basin is a lush green jungle zone which was added to World of Warcraft with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The zone also contains a large network of rivers, streams, and lakes and what is of particular interest is a small island which can be found in the middle of the Bittertide lake located to the far northwest of the zone. Curious explorers who ventured to this island have found a mysterious hatch which contained a strange sequence of numbers (5 9 16 17 24 43). The numbers turned out to be a sequence of numbers that often comes up in the popular TV series Lost.

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