First Eye of Sulfuras Drop

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Although the Molten Core raid in World of Warcraft Classic has been cleared relatively quickly, the clear that went down not too long ago is as special as the world first if not more for one particular reason.

Recently, a guild called Venture which is located on the European WoW Classic server Flamelash has cleared the entire raid of Molten Core by defeating the final boss Ragnaros. Upon delivering the final blow and celebrating the new loot, the players have noticed that a rare item called the Eye of Sulfuras has dropped making it the worlds first Eye of Sulfuras drop.

This particular item is needed for creating the legendary Two-Hand Mace called Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros which is one of the most powerful weapons within the WoW Classic.

Although the guild has gotten its hands on the Eye of Sulfuras, they are still miles away from actually creating the legendary weapon as farming the other materials needed and reaching Exalted status with the Thorium Brotherhood are both very difficult and time-consuming tasks, but at least they are one step closer to achieving this goal.

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