Darkmoon Faire Patch 8.3 – Mechafun Arcade

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with the release of the patch 8.3 Visions of N’zoth, Darkmoon Faire will have a new playing area which is called Mechafun Arcade. Mechafun Arcade as the name suggests is a simple arcade room like upgrade for the Darkmoon Faire, which Contains 6 simple arcade games.

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Mechafun Arcade location
The Arcade is located on a narrow path on the East side of the island.


Only a Darkmoon Game Token to active the Arcade for the duration of a day.


All of these games have multiple difficulty levels, Either you complete a level and get to the next one automatically, Or you get to choose levels when you completed the last one.

Rune Matching

A simple tile-matching game that is similar to Mardivas’s world quest in nazjatar. You need to sort at least 3 matching color tiles in a straight line to destroy it and earn points.

rune matching in darkmoon
Darkmoon Faire’s rune matching game.
rune matching in nazjatar
Enchanted Lock world quest in nazjatar.

This is a simple untangle like puzzle game which we also see in nazjatar as another world quest from Mardivas. to move a node you need to click on it and then click on the second node that you want it to change position with. You need to uncross all of the lines to complete a level.

Bull-E game in darkmoon
Darkmoon Faire’s Bull-E game.
untangle world quest in nazjatar
Leylocked Chest world quest in nazjatar.
Barrels o’ Fun

Also another world quest like game but this time it’s from the legion expansion, Which has the same name. At the start of the game, a box out of 3 boxes will shine, chase it with your eyes till the end of the round and click on it. It will get harder because at the end of each round a new box will be spawned into the game.

Barrels o' fun game in darkmoon
Darkmoon Faire’s Barrels o’ Fun game.
Barrels o' fun world quest in legion
Barrels o’ Fun game, a world quest for Kirin Tor in the broken isles.

Duplicate of the shell game world quest in BFA, which you need to choose two shells with the same item inside them so you can destroy them and earn points.

Shell game in darkmoon
Darkmoon Faire’s Remembery Game.
Totemic Matrix

This arcade game is the same game in shaman’s order hall, All totems are either blue or red and your goal is to change them all to blue. When you change the color of a totem it will also change the color of adjacent totems alongside it’s Horizontal and Vertical axis (not including Diagonals).

totemic game in darkmoon
Darkmoon Faire Totemic Matrix game.
totemic game from shaman's order hall
Shaman order hall’s Totemic game.

Classic MineSweeper game, as you click on a hexagon it will show you a number that indicates how many bombs are near that hexagon. you can also right-click to flag tiles as a bomb tile. The aim of the game is to reveal all safe tiles and flag all bombed tiles.

HexSweeper Game
Darkmoon Faire’s HexSweeper.
MineSweeper Game
Window’s MineSweeper game.

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