Corrupted: Mythic Plus Season 4 Affix Details

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With Patch 8.3: Visions of N’zoth excepting to go live in early 2020, let’s take a closer look at the new affix coming in Season 4, Corrupted, as the seasonal affix.

This season affix, Corrupted, is a lot more interesting compared to affixes of last seasons. The reason for that is this affix rewards you in a way, unlike last affixes that only punished players.

Corrupted name has changed to Awakened.

What does it do?

Simply said, There will be Obelisks present at certain places in the dungeon you are doing. Clicking on these Obelisks will pull you into another realm after what appears to be a cast time. While in the Corrupted realm, You will be facing one of N’zoth lieutenants. You also cannot interact with anything from the normal realm as you are phased out and invisible to them.

Obelisk that will get you to Corrupted realm.

After defeating this powerful creature, a portal will open on its corpse. You can click on this portal to travel to the normal realm, or to the Corrupted realm. This mechanic will create some interesting skips, as you can kill the lieutenant anywhere you like and open a portal there. You can use these portals (or rifts) to go into or out of the Corrupted realm. The Obelisks will only get you inside the other realm.

Portal created by killing the lieutenant in the Corrupted realm

But you should also keep in mind that if you ignore any of the lieutenants in the corrupted realm, they will come and fight with you as you are fighting the last boss.

This mechanic might kill the need skips such as Shroud of Concealment. It might also put an end to 2-rogue compositions seen in MDI. Although, Obelisks are sometimes placed inside a pack of mobs. You also can’t use the Obelisks to get into the Corrupted realm if you are in combat.


There are 4 Lieutenants and 4 Obelisks in PTR and each Obelisk will bring you to one of the lieutenants in the corrupted realm. Each Obelisk is for a specific lieutenant, and you can’t see two different lieutenants while inside an obelisk. Defeating these lieutenants also awards some percentage (count) that can help you even more.

Each lieutenant has its own abilities, based on their theme, which we will cover in-depth when they are final.

Ignoring these Obelisks will make the lieutenants join the final boss are you are fighting, and they will become a part of that fight. They will despawn if you wipe, and respawn if you fight.

Bwonsamdi is back!

Well, Bwonsamdi is not back, but its buff is back! If you run out of time in a Mythic plus run, you can talk to a fish (Voice of the Corruptor) and it will give you a buff. This buff will increase your damage done and healing done by 20% and removes any sated buff.

Fish of the Corruptor
The picture was taken from Wowhead

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