Content Preview: Dire Maul and Allied Races

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Out of nowhere, Blizzard unexpectedly dropped a public announcement about World of Warcraft. Both Classic and Battle for Azeroth updates are announced. Exactly yesterday, Ion Hazzikostas shared the update video about the upcoming changes and these are the new things upcoming:

WoW Classic: Dire Maul

Dire Maul is an ancient Night Elf city turned to ruins located in Feralas. It is split into three different zones. The zones are overrun with ogre tribes, ghosts of its prior inhabitants, and elementals.

It is said that Dire Maul is remembered by most raiders and as one of the most important sources for world buffs. The buffs were the key to defeating bosses in raids back in the days. In what was referred to as a “tribute run,” players disguised themselves as ogres to sneak past guards and eventually become the king of the Gordok tribe for extra loot–and buffs.

Blizzard’s game director announced that in phase two, Classic will get some significant updates. Originally, the plan was to release Dire Maul, honor systems and lastly world bosses. However, Ion announced that Dire Maul will be coming out as soon as October 15th, in the next content update.

This is a nice surprise for the players as Dire Maul was announced to be rolled with the second phase update. Ion said that phase two will be released shortly after that.

Battle for Azeroth: Allied Races

The new Allied Races – Vulpera

Ion announced lots of upcoming changes for Battle for Azeroth. With the next content update, the players should expect a lot of new changes. The new content is called Visions of N’zoth and should be rolled out early next year probably. All of the new features are great, but especially one of them set the community on fire.

New allied races are coming with the next content update. For the Horde, we have the fox like critters called Vulpera. They are native to the Vol’dun region that was introduced in Battle for Azeroth. Players who have completed the Vol’dun questline and reached exalted reputation with the Voldunai faction will be able to play them once the content update goes live.

In addition to this, the Alliance gets the Mechagnomes as their allied race, native to the Island of Mechagon. Mechagon, a once lost city where normal gnomes underwent an effect of transformation. This transformation included gnomes changing their body parts with metal, robotic parts.

The Mechagnomes will be available to a player once the Mechagon storyline is finished and a reputation of exalted is reached.

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