Complexity Limit Claims World First N’zoth Kill!

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9 days after the release of Ny’alotha on Mythic difficulty, Complexity Limit claimed World First N’zoth kill after 5 days and 273 attempts and few bug fixes and hotfixes!

This kill comes 9 days after the release of Ny’alotha on mythic difficulty and the start of World First Ny’alotha race. N’zoth the Corruptor was undefeated for 5 days after.

N’zoth World First by Complexity Limit marks their first World First in Battle for Azeroth, and the last World First of Battle for Azeroth as Ny’alotha is the last tier of Battle for Azeroth.

World First N'zoth Wipe counter

This fight could end a lot sooner if it wasn’t for bugs and unpolished fight of N’zoth. He was despawned during the fight by Blizzard across the US region and the Secret phase was cut off. Despite all these issues Complexity Limit secured World First N’zoth kill.

The mount reward for N’zoth Mythic is Ny’alotha Allseer which was used by Syreth.

Their composition is not yet on but was seen during the live streams. They used classical 2/4/14. Two tanks, 4 healers and 14 DPS.

Complexity Limit claimed World First Kill for all of the 12 bosses except Wrathion, Maut, and Xanesh. Congratulations to them!

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