Classic WoW – 5 Useful Gear Pieces Your Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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WoW Classic is very gear dependable as we all know. In this article, I’ll cover a small portion of useful gear pieces you can obtain. If you have a high level character now it’s the time to get the hands on these. Some of these gear pieces are BoE so putting them to AH will come in handy too!

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Ironweave Battlesuit

Ironweave Battlesuit is a cloth item set that contains 8 pieces. It provides set bonus at 4 and 8 pieces. The set is useful for Priests, Mages or Warlocks because of the stats. All of the pieces provide stamina and intellect bonus. However, this set might be a little bit hard to obtain because of a different drop pieces.

Ironweave Battlesuit full set gear piece
(screenshot by Inferion)

At 4/8 set, it increases the chance to resist Silence and Interrupt effect by 10%. At 8/8 set it gives an additional +200 armor bonus which is not much significant.

Obtaining 4/8 pieces for the bonus can be significant for a fresh level 60 PvP oriented player.

Mark of the Dragon Lord

Mark of the Dragon Lord is a gear piece for finger slot. It provides a mana shield that absorbs 500 damage. On the other hand, it increases mana regeneration by 22 every 5 sec, for 30 minutes. The mana shield might not be useful, however, the mana regeneration can come really handy.

Purple glow appears on the character if the item is equipped
(screenshot by Doxorn)

This item drops from Overlord Wyrmthalak in Lower Blackrock Spire. It has a 3% drop chance and requires level 56.

Green Whelp Armor

Green Whelp Armor is a Leather chest piece that comes from Leatherworking. On equip it has a 5% chance to put a melee attacker to sleep for 10 seconds. However, it only works for level 50 and below which is the downside of it.

Green Whelp Armor, a useful leather chest to have.
Green whelp armor gear piece equipped
(screenshot by Tzekel)

This piece provides +11 Spirit and requires level 30 to equip. In addition, the gear piece is also BoE which can be sold on AH for a neat price.


Annihilator is a main-hand axe that requires level 58. Its speed and damage are not so impressive, however the chance on hit might be useful. It reduces an enemy’s armor by 200 and stacks up 3 times. This debuff can greatly increase a DPS on a boss for the group.

Annihilator equipped
(screenshot by Desblud)

This axe is created by a Blacksmith with a skill of 300+. Its recipe drops from Quartermaster Zigris in Lower Blackrock Spire. It has a 9% drop chance and it’s pretty easy to obtain.

Jagged Obsidian Shield

Jagged Obsidian Shield is a level 60 BoE shield. This shield doesn’t have any stats bonus but has neat equip bonuses. First, it increases the chance to block attacks with a shield by 2%. Second, it gives a +5 increase to all resistances. Third, when struck by a harmful spell, the caster of that spell has a 5% chance to be silenced for 3 seconds.

Jagged Obsidian Shield, a useful gear to have.
Jagged Obsidian Shield equipped
(screenshot by phaydre)

The shield can be crafted by 300+ Blacksmith. It’s a BoE gear piece and can be sold on AH fairly easy. With not so many shields in the game, the shields will be of high demand. In addition to that,

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