Classic Weekly Spotlight : Addons

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In another article we mentioned a few things you’ll miss from Retail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in Classic! Although we can’t help you with Spirit healer not being available, luckily there are some addons for you that helps in other ways.

Though addons from the original Classic cannot be used in the modern Engine of Classic, most of the new addons are being ported to Classic.

  1. Vendor Price :
    This might come as a surprise to some people, but you couldn’t see vendor prices in Classic. This addon helps you to see how much is an item worth if you sell it to vendor. Simple, easy.

    Click here to download Vendor Price from WoWinterface.

  2. ClassicLFG :
    It’s no secret to anyone that Looking for Group was not a thing in Classic. Thankfully, this addon comes to help for those who really need LFG. With this addon you can create groups or look for any group, dungeons or custom.

    Click here to download ClassicLFG from WoWinterface.

  3. ClassicAuraDurations :
    Most of us probably don’t notice buff timers that much in Retail, but in Classic you can’t see buffs durations on your target. This addon will help you to see debuff or buffs duration.

    Click here to download ClassicAuraDurations from WoWinterface.

  4. ClassicCastBar :
    In Classic, you can’t see enemies cast bar, which make things hard in some situations. With this addon you can see what spell is your enemy casting.

    Click here to download ClassicCastBar from WoWinterface.

  5. Xperl (Z-Perl) :
    You also can’t see enemy health bars in Classic. This addon aside from showing health bar is a customizable unit frame. This one also has a built in buff/debuff tracker.

    Click here to download Z-perl from WoWinterface.

  6. WeakAuras : 
    WeakAuras is an addon that was not present in the Original Classic, but now since the game is on a new engine, Weakauras have been ported to Classic and now you can use it to improve your performance. This addon helps you to track everything, like buffs and auras or cooldowns, and create visual tools to help you with tracking them.

    Click here to download WeakAuras from WoWinterface.

  7. Recount/Details :
    Speaking about ported addons, Recount and Details have also been ported to Classic. These addons were also not available in Classic, though other addons were. These two help you to see damage or healing meters and much more (e.g interrupts, deaths…).

    Click here to download Details from WoWinterface.
    Recount lovers have to wait till launch since Recount for Classic is in beta.

  8. Questie :
    We also covered this on another article, you can’t see where are the quest’s objectives. With Questie you can see where to get quests and where to do them.

    Click here to download Questie from WoWinterface.

  9. Coordinates by TomCat’s Tours :
    A lot of people are familiar with TomTom, This addon is just like TomTom, but for classic (TomTom is in beta for classic). what this addon do, is that it gives you a coordinates to where you are and also where you want to go if provided. A lot helpful for questing and finding rares and other things!

    Click here to download Coordinates by TomCat’s Tours from WoWinterface.

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