Guild Meetup #4 – Manhattan Barcade!

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July 22, 2018 8:27 pm
Published by Beastmastery @ MalGanis

What an awesome place!  They have the best tater tots, shaped like Tetris pieces, and tons of games!


We didn’t have any new faces at this meetup, but it was a blast to see everyone again.  The murloc family is growing in game and we’ll see some new people at the next meetup for sure.

From Left->Right, Clockwise:  Nicole (Whichlocktor’s gf), Whichlocktor, Beastmastery (GM), Zahr, Drake (soon-to-bee Murloc), Xerideth (Guild Manager), Dustfinger

Whichlocktor and Zahr dueling IRL;  it was a tie (Zahr’s queue popped)