BFA: Brawlers for Azeroth Part 2

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Now we’re here let’s get our hands dirty! I’ll be showing you my Horde Balance druid point of view but these strategies are universal and can be done fairly easily!

Our first opposition is Bruce! He’s pretty easy and straight forward. At this point in the expansion he’s just a large target to DPS. Try and stay behind him to avoid some of the bites if you’re under geared.

This should be an easy fight with no extra preparations needed on your part!
look there, We earned ourselves a brawler’s purse that contains some goodies, and our first of many achievements!

Now I did this at seemly a low time so I was ready for my next fight right away, so let’s see whats in store.

Now we face Thog Hammerspace. He has a little more health than Bruce, But still a pretty easy challenge all said and done. He will drop hammers that will do some shadow damage if ran over. Do your best to avoid them and DPS him down.

No Mr Thog, I do not like hammers here or there…

Now things start to get interesting! No longer are we just going to stand and DPS. Third up to bat is Grandpa Grumplefloot. Gramps here has a few moves we need to deal with, First is Song of Floot. This is his standard attack not much to worry about, Don’t interrupt this unless you have a few interrupts or it’s on a low cool down. Cantata of Flooting now this is the ability we want to interrupt this will heal Grandpa Grumplefloot. Lastly we have Luckydos to deal with. Two luckydos stand still and one moves. Blue that will heal the player (Thats you!) Red that will damage the player. Finally yellow; This will hop around in your general direction and explode if it touches you so be careful and Lucky-Don’t touch the wrong ones!

Blue and red pictured here and circled for your convince.

Last fight in the Rank 1 league is a not so subtle nod to our beloved Pocket monster trainer. Ash’Katzuum is a pretty straight forward DPS race before you get overrun with his own monsters. ‘Ash’ will only cast one ability. I choose…. I mean I pick you! , This sends out a random pet in a straight line. Getting hit by one of these little guys does a LOT of damage so best to dodge them as they come out while using all the cool downs you have.

The room can and will be covered by his battle pets fairly quickly. Make sure to DODGE and NUKE him down.

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