BFA: Brawlers for Azeroth Pt:1

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So you think you can BRAWL?! This guide series will be going over what you need to know and how to down all the fights!

Firstly what do you need and where to go?

You’ll need access to the brawlers guild, This can be done a few ways. You need to get your hands on a ‘Blood-soaked invitation‘ this will sometimes show up on the Black market Auctionhouse or an uncommon drop in defeating the opposing faction in any of the newer zones ( Zandalar, Kul Tiras, Mechagon, or Nazjatar .) OR and this is my recommended way, a Brawler’s pass. This is given out after a certain rank in the brawler’s guild and can be given away or sold on the regular auction house. So ask a guild mate or head to the auction house. They are usually fairly cheap.

Now we can enter but where to?

We now have access to the Brawler’s guild! Congratulations, Let’s head in and check it out. For Alliance players you can find the entrance located in the Deeprun Tram.

This is once you’ve entered into the Deeprun Tram.
Find this sneaky little hide out.
Once down and inside talk to this gent to get a fight started!

All screenshots provided by Zombrigit AKA: Aikariel on Area-52 Co-GM of OminousOmnibus!

For Horde you will be entering in the North Eastern building located in the Valley of Honor.

For Horde, it’s a little more straight forward here in the Valley Of Honor.
Once ready for battle talk to this fine orc to let the battle begin! lok’tar ogar!!

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