BFA: Brawlers For Azeroth Part 4

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Hey there guys and gals. We’re back and now taking on the rank three fights of Brawlers League. This Brawlers bracket has a mixed bag of difficult and fun foes so let’s jump into the guide.

First fight Oso!

The first battle is Oso, He is a fairly straight forward loyal bear who totally didn’t just eat his master. A bit of a team attack is Shotgun Roar, This is a frontal cone attack that’s pretty easy to dodge. Second thing to watch for is Grizzly Leap, This will do some damage and stun if it connects.

Next up Klunk!

Klunk is a bit of a DPS race. Klunk is really simple in terms of mechanics. He will cast one ability throughout the entire fight Klunk. This attack pulls you in and will most likely one-shot and kill your character if you’re standing near Klunk when the cast finishes. After each finished cast the next Klunk ability ramps up in speed as well as how hard the magnetic pull becomes. So make sure when you can pop all your abilities as well as a potion and possibly a flask to get him down quickly.

Fight number 3, Farmer Xiang-Su

This was an interesting concept and fight. Overall not too difficult. At the beginning Farmer Xiang-Su will spawn with patches of tilled soil around the arena. He will use Watering can which will send a tornado towards you dealing a decent amount of frost damage if it hits you. It is totally avoidable. Or we can do something pretty neat with the tornado spawned by the Watering can ability. Standing behind a patch of tilled soil and having the Tornado connect will spawn one of two Veggies! Yummy or Infested Veggies. If you OR Farmer Xiang-Su steps on a YUMMY veggie, Their damage will be increased by 10%. Conversely if you or Farmer Xiang-su steps on an Infested Veggie their damage taken will be increased by 10%. Both of these damage modifiers stack. So make sure to eat your Yummy Veggies and have the boss get all the infested ones. This will make short work of him.

Last fight Ahoo’ru

The last fight in rank three is a fight i see people fail all the time. This is for good reason. The fight puts you into the deep end with a good bit of movement and mechanics you HAVE to do. Ahoo’ru starts the fight by casting Devine Bulwark. This has three charges and we have TWO minutes to complete the fight.

In Phase one shiny lights/ sparks will spawn around the room and will do a solid chunk of damage if they hit you so make sure to avoid them. Ahoo’ru will cast Flash of light at the sparks around the arena making them stand out a bit more. Now run over to these new and improved lights/sparks and this will spawn an Avenging Angel. Damage this add to half health and the Add will turn and start to charge. Now run over to the stationary Ahoo’ru and make sure to MOVE AWAY once the charge goes off to avoid being hit and possibly one shot by the mechanic. Do this three times total and the shield will drop and Phase two will start.

Phase two will start and all the floating lights/sparks will disappear leaving just you and the boss. The boss is now active and will do some normal attacks as well as a few special ones to look out for. Firstly Complete heal. This does exactly what the name says but is interruptible. And secondly Divine Circle. This will surround you with large orbs that will do some damage as well as leave a stacking debuff. So move out of this ability while dodging or hitting the least amount of orbs as possible.

A tip I have for this fight. If you can handle the incoming and have enough cleave try and spawn two or three of the needed Avenging Angels at the same time. This will speed up the process and allow you to get to phase two faster. Just make sure you dodge all of the charge attacks.

And that’s it for rank three of Brawlers League! I’ll see you next time as we tackle the halfway point for the road to rank eight in the Brawler’s Guild.

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