BFA: Brawlers for Azeroth Part 3

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Now we are rank two! At rank two we don’t unlock anything new or fun so let’s push forward and get to rank three. We have four adversaries at this rank; So let’s get into it!

First Fight: Blat.

Number one is BLAT. Blat will split itself into multiple copies. DO NOT LOSE TRACK OF THE ORIGIONAL BLAT. Cleave down the copies if you want or single target burst BLAT down. The main Blat moves a little faster than the copies so if you do lose track, try to walk backwards a bit and the original should be easy to spot. I used a raid marker to mark the original Blat this trick should make it a piece of cake!

Marked Blat with a moon so I wouldn’t lose track of the true slime!

Fight two: Sir Phillip Carter Tracey.

Next up is Sir Phillip Cater Tracey, That is a mouthful! He will be known in this guide as PCT. This worgen likes to teleport behind you and cast Murderous Swipes. If this attack connects to your backside it will do a good bit of damage. To prevent this once PCT teleports behind you turn around and face him, This makes the attack hit like a wet noodle. Reaching 40% HP* PCT will transform back into a human for the rest of the fight. Once he transforms into a Human he will cast Blazing Bullet. This ability has a three second cast time and if it’s not interrupted it will silence you for FOUR seconds. After Blazing Bullet concludes PCT like the true refined gentle-Worgen he is will cast Civilized Slap. If this connects it will do a bit of damage and do a knock back. Just turn tail and run around for a few moments and it should miss. PCT takes extra damage from 40%-0 so this phase should go quickly.

PCT in human form
  • If you are unable to get PCT to 40% fairly quickly he will make two copies of himself ensnare you and cast Fatal Ambush. I’d suggest you use a personal cool down if this takes place to reduce the amount of incoming damage.

Fight three: Jonny Awesome.

Third we have Mr. Awesome himself Johnny Awesome! At the start of the fight you will face Johnny and his pet Dazzle. His pet won’t cause a ton of damage and is more of a help to you than a hinderance. Johnny will cast Volley periodically which spawns a green circle on the ground where arrows will fall*, Avoid these areas like the plague. Damage Johnny while keeping Dazzle close, If you try and kite Dazzle the beast will do a charged stun and possibly lock you into a volley shot. Mr. Awesome will cast Powershot this will be indicated by a red arrow. Place Dazzle in-between you and Johnny. Dazzle will die and Johnny will try to resurrect his pet. This makes Johnny take much more damage and stop casting Volley.

  • Tip for melee players, Start the fight at range to try and bait out the volley so it’s not sitting on top of Johnny giving you more room to move around.

Fight Four: Mama Stormstout

Last up in rank two we have Mama Stormstout. This is the fight in the early brackets I see failed most often. Mama Stormstout will cast SMaSH Tun which will leave a pile of grain on the ground that deals a bit of damage if you step in it. Then shortly followed by Cold Crash. Cold Crash causes a wave to sweep the entire arena and freeze anyone not warmed up by the grain left on the ground. Small adds with low health will spawn every now and then, Just cleave them down when they get close. To quickly defeat Mama Stormstout, Stand in the grain left behind from the Smash and burst her down. the wave comes really quick behind the Smash so make sure you watch where to grain pile is. And congrats on Now being rank THREE!

The grain pile is marked with RED this is what to stand in to face the Cold Crash ability.

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