Lore Sundays: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian

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Following the summoning of demons of the Burning Legion into the streets of the newly founded city of Dalaran, and the summoning of elementals from the Elemental Plane by both elves and humans, the ruling magocrats of that city sought out the help of the high elves. While the Convocation of Silvermoon was able to help neutralize the immediate problem, the underlying threat of the Legion remained.

It was then, that a secret pact between the human and elven mages was formed, named the Council of Tirisfal. It was created with a purpose to oversee the secret war to protect Azeroth from demonic invasion. The council’s meeting took place in Tirisfal Glades, from which comes the name The Council of Tirisfal.

Council of Tirisfal before the first creation of the Guardian
(picture from Warcraft comics)

The Council imbued a single mortal with incredible powers of both elven and human magic. This person was called the Spearhead, with the Council channeling a part of each of the member into them.

Though there would only ever be one Guardian at a time, they held such a vast power that they could single-handedly fight back the Legion’s agents. The Guardian’s power was so great that only the Council of Tirisfal was allowed to choose potential successors to the mantle of the Guardian. Whenever a Guardian grew too old or wearied of the secret war against the Legion, the Council choose a new champion and channeled the Guardian power into its new agent.

Due to their given powers Guardians live for centuries, and as a result, there have been few of them. Only the names of six are known:
Alodi, the first Guardian
– Magna Scavell
– Magna Aegwynn, the only female guardian
– Magus Medivh, the Last Guardian

Each of the powerful Guardians owned a staff that they carried with them, that staff is named Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.

Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
(picture from Hearthstone card art)

Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian is a powerful staff passed down through the line of the Guardians of Tirisfal up until and including Medivh, the last Guardian. The staff was born from the “seed of hate” and grants its wielder “power unending”. The creation time of the staff is unknown, but knowing that the staff was passed down through the line of the Guardians and the last one wielding it being Medivh, this would set the age of Atiesh at a thousands of years.

The appearance of the staff is pretty simple, it is made out of a long wooden base, reinforced with arcane magic and a raven carved on top as the staff’s head.

The staff is capable of opening portals to the home of Medivh, the Last Guardian, accompanying the wielder with ravens and also grants the wielder the ability to shape-shift into a black raven.

Medivh, the Last Guardian
(by Samwise Didier)

Following the assassination of The Last Guardian, Medivh, which was the last one to wield Atiesh, the staff was brought to Dalaran where it was held by successive members of the Kirin Tor, who all found their deaths soon after wielding it. After all these deaths, it was decided that the staff is cursed and it needs to be put behind impenetrable barriers of magic and a “watcher” was appointed: Angela Dosantos.

During the destruction of Dalaran by Archimonde, the staff was shattered into fourty-two pieces which were scattered around Azeroth.

Archimonde before destroying Dalaran
(picture from Warcraft cinematic)

The base of Atiesh was originally in the hands of Brann Bronzebeard who eventually lost it while exploring the Temple of Ahn’qiraj and eventually got in possession in the Old God, C’thun. The other fourty-one pieces of the staff were captured by the Scourge, the forty shards of the staff were entrusted to Kel’thuzad’s lieutenants inside Naxxramas whilst Kel’thuzad held the head of the staff himself.

Later on the Argent Dawn restored fourty-one pieces from Naxxramas in order to prevent the staff’s power to be used by the powerful Kel’thuzad.

Later, Meryl Winterstorm sent Garona on a mission to retrieve the base of the shattered staff from within the remains of C’Thun. Garona succeeded and gave the base to Med’an, who restored the whole staff.

During the War against the Iron Horde, Medivh’s former apprentice Khadgar is seen wielding Atiesh. It is unclear how he has obtained it, as it was last seen in Med’an’s possession but it is presumed that Med’an gave the staff to Khadgar – as Medivh’s former apprentice.

Khadgar wielding Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
(picture from Hearthstone Wiki)

As of now, the staff is still in Khadgar’s possession.

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