8.2.5 The End of the War Campaign – Sylvanas vs. Saurfang

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Battle for Azeroth has been very interesting so far. Just a few days ago, patch 8.2.5 went live, offering the final missions of the War Campaign.
Battle for Azeroth has been very interesting so far. Just a few days ago, patch 8.2.5 went live, offering the final missions of the War Campaign.
There were some teasers so far but this patch has delivered a final cinematic that marked the end of the War Campaign, a legendary battle and a possible new start with era of peace.

War of the Thorns

Sylvanas burning the world tree Teldrassil.

Everything that led to the final battle and the end of the War Campaign was the War of the Thorns.

This event was a major conflict that ends up with the World Tree Teldrassil being burned down. An action that filled the minds of the Horde with questions. Questions whether the Dark Lady Sylvanas is the right Warchief of the Horde.

Burning down Teldrassil resulted in the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance to be even worse. This act led to everything that we’ve seen so far and of course, the final battle between Saurfang and Sylvanas.

Two Sides Together

Saurfang and Anduin’s meet.

It all started with a secret meeting between the High Overlord, Varok Saurfang and the High King of the Alliance, Anduin Wrynn.

Anduin and Varok overlooked Saurfang’s followers and spoke about their numbers and the possible outcome. The conversation continued with Anduin asking: “If we end her reign, what kind of Warchief would you be?” In response, Saurfang expresses his will not to be Warchief of the Horde because he is not a person of honor, as Anduin implies.

After that, Anduin and Varok discuss the past between the Alliance and the Horde and how everything is and will be tainted as a result of everything in the past. In other words, every non honorable deed that the Horde committed in the times of war.

In conclusion, Varok states that the differences between the Horde and Alliance can not be washed away. However, Anduin is a strong believer that there can be a time of peace and prosperity between these two factions. Therefore, Anduin asks Varok – “Then what are we fighting for?”

Breaking the Cycle

Anduin, Saurfang and Thrall moments before the final battle in front of Orgrimmar.

“Breaking the cycle” is what Saurfang is saying to Zekhan after being asked “What are we doing?”, moments before they gather in front of Orgrimmar.

“Ours is a cycle of hatred” is the opening line in Battle for Azeroth cinematic, said by Sylvanas. “Breaking the cycle” is most likely a reference to Sylvanas’ opening line in the cinematic. It is also Saurfang’s plan to end the reign of Sylvanas.

The Last Mak’gora

Saurfang and Sylvanas moments before the Mak’gora.

As the final moment arrives, Anduin, Saurfang and Thrall, alongside with the other soldiers gather in front of Orgrimmar for the last battle.

Thrall has a conversation with Saurfang about the possible outcome of the battle, the consequences and the casualties that could happen. As a result of this conversation, Saurfang decides that not many lives will be lost that day, but only one instead.

Despite the fact that Saurfang has almost no chances at all against Sylvanas, he challenges her to Mak’gora. But he has other plans, the plan to bring hope back for the Horde and win this duel of honor in another way.


Sylvanas and Saurfang after he is injured and falls on his knees.

The battle starts and both Saurfang and Sylvanas exchange hits back and forth. During the duel, Sylvanas wounds Saurfang and he falls to his knees. The Dark Lady implies that death comes for Saurfang, and all their hope dies with him, referring to all who oppose her – Saurfang’s followers and Anduin’s followers.

However, Saurfang rises to his feet and starts attacking the Dark Lady. During his attacks, he mentions few of her acts and how she failed to kill hope – for both burning Teldrassil and making them kill each other at Lordaeron. He proceeds state that she fails over and over again. In addition to this, he states that the Horde will endure and the Horde is strong.

At his specific moment, Saurfang wins the fight he wants to win. He succeeds in winning the mental fight over Sylvanas – thus making her say that the “Horde is nothing”.

Sylvanas casts a dark spell that kills Saurfang.

Following this moment, all the people begin to question Sylvanas as a Warchief, especially the Forsaken. Saurfang proceeds to charge at her and get hit by a dark spell which kills him. Sylvanas – after realizing what she did and what she said, flees from the battle.

The Cycle Breaks

Saurfang won an important battle despite losing the Mak’gora. A battle for hope which will bring better times for all of the people. Hope will endure, and peaceful times for the Horde and the Alliance are upon us.

Regarding the Dark Lady, what comes next is yet to be seen…

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