8.2.5 PTR Data mines

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With Blizzcon 2019 getting closer to us, 8.2.5 can be here any time now, and a lot of interesting has been added in 8.2.5 which we will cover today.
On the side note, some of the things here may change before 8.2.5 is live. Story of 8.2.5 contains spoilers which we dive into that at the end.

Party Sync

Party sync is a big feature coming in 8.2.5 which will have a big impact on leveling with friends. But how does it work?

Party sync basically allows everyone in the group to become “synced” to the lowest level party member, including quests and the current phase. Party sync comes with another feature, Quest Repeat.

Image from Bellular

Party sync allows you to do the quests that you’ve already done with your friend again, but Blizzard also thought about how this feature could be abused so you can only do a quest with a person only once as of now. You also can’t go below level 60 in 8.2.5 PTR, but you can sync with players below level 60.

You will also lose all of the abilities, spells (including essences), trait and anything that you didn’t had back in the level you’ve synced with (or 60 if your friend is below 60).

Goblin and Worgen Model Update

Model Update was awaited for a long time by Goblin and Worgen players, and community overall. Blizzard told us about the update coming in a future patch, but there was no model update in 8.1 and 8.2. It was speculated that the new model will come in 8.2.5. This Model Update also includes animation update.

NPC Model Updates

Some important NPCs recieved model updates in 8.2.5, including Wrathion, Calia Menethil, Zekhan and Valeera. This might indicate some major story plots tied to them.

Model updates of 8.2.5
Model updates of 8.2.5
Model updates of 8.2.5

Recruit a Friend

Recruit a friend is coming back in 8.2.5 with new sets of rewards! These rewards are a revamp to the original Recruit a Friend reward, which only rewarded the recruited for only two months. This new system, rewards you every month for 12 months and every 3 month after that.

Rewards are :

  • Month 1 : Rikki
    A monkey battle pet.
  • Month 2 : Game Time
  • Month 3 : Explorer’s Dunetrekker
    A multi seat (unknown how many though) camel mount.
  • Month 4 : <Renowned Explorer> Title
  • Month 5 : Game Time
  • Month 6 : Illusion: Stinging Sands
    a weapon appearance enchant.
  • Month 7 : Renonwed Explorer’s Tabard
  • Month 8 : Game Time
  • Month 9 : Explorer’s Jungle Hopper
    probably another multi seat mount.
  • Month 10 : Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack
    a very unique transmog item! A back that looks like a backpack. First of its kind.
  • Month 11 : Game Time
  • Month 12 : Renowned Explorer’s Attire
  • One Game Time every 3 month after this.
RaF returning in 8.2.5

These rewards are based on how many months your friends bought in total, for example if you have a friend who bought 10 month of time or 5 friend who bought 2 month of game time, you still get the 10 month reward.

Other things are pretty much the same in 8.2.5 RaF system, you get 50% experience bonus for leveling up with your friend and a teleport option, to teleport to your friend with a 30 minute cooldown.

Bee Mount!

Bee Mount is finally here (not exactly but it will be). It was revealed in Blizzcon last year that there will be a bee mount for alliance players and here it is. reputation grind for this mount is not time gated, and you can work toward it at any time you like.

Bee mount coming in 8.2.5

Several other UI updates have been added in 8.2.5 and there are not any noticeable class changes. Few Bee themed Glyphs are also present in this update.

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