8.2.5 Brings New Worgen and Goblin Models

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With the next patch comes the visual updates for the long anticipated Worgen and Goblin models. Ever since the visual update for the core and Burning Crusade races arrived, the community was expecting a visual revamp for the Cataclysm races and they are finally fully revealed.

Male Worgen Models (wowhead.com)

Wowhead’s model viewer has the extracted models ready for us and you can see a comparison of the old and new models here. The most prominent change between the four revamps is the Female Worgen model according to the community.

Female Worgen Models (wowhead.com)

The updated models will have revamped animations as well. “Victorian Primal Hunters” and “Explosive Profit Machines” rejoice! It is also reasonable to assume that we will receive the respective heritage armors for Goblins and Worgens with the new models as Blizzard showed us that they are making heritage armors for the previous races!

Male Goblin Models (wowhead.com)

The new patch is expected to arrive around mid-to-late September and brings a whole lot more into the World of Warcraft so don’t forget to check our other articles on Murlocs.com for the upcoming patch!

Female Goblin Models (wowhead.com)

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