6 Exciting Types of 8.2 Pets To Collect

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Patch 8.2 AKA Rise of Azshara brought many exciting changes to World of Warcraft and its primary goal is to drastically improve the state of its newest expansion, Battle for Azeroth. The update added Nazjatar and Mechagon Island, the Eternal Palace raid, and most importantly (to me) – MANY new battle pets. From battle pets roaming around the two new zones to pets obtained by doing specific things for several days. This list will hopefully help you expand your collection by providing you with all the information you need to start ‘catching them all’ in 8.2 right away!

Specimen 97, a very cool-looking wild pet from Mechagon Island

1. Nazjatar & Mechagon Safari Pets

It’s pretty self-explanatory that whenever Blizzard releases a new zone in World of Warcraft, many new battle pets are also added, roaming around and generally not being very hard to obtain. Two new Safari achievements – the Nazjatar and Mechagon respectively, are part of the Team Aquashock achievement, which rewards Kelpfin as a pet.

The only pets worth mentioning from this bunch are the Bloodseeker from Nazjatar, which spawns in place of the Deeptide Fingerlings and in pools of water. Similarly, the Duskytooth Snooter and Yellow Junkhopper from Mechagon Island, which share spawn points with the Rustyroot Snooter and Fleeting Frog, respectively, and require a lot of patience and killing of the latter two pets in order to find. Experimental Roach is also similar as it shares a spawn point with the Junkheap Roach but spawns way more often.

The Zanj’ir Poker, a cute baby naga dropped by Queen Azshara herself

2. Eternal Palace & Operation: Mechagon Pets

The new raid tier also brings a lot of frustration when it comes to casual pet collecting. Thankfully for me, there are no difficulty-specific pets and all of those listed below are obtainable in all difficulties (including LFR thank god!). I managed to acquire by pure luck the Mindlost Bloodfrenzy from Blackwater Behemoth on my first run, though, so anything is possible. The four boss drop pets from this instance are the Lightless Ambusher from Lady Ashvane, the Mindlost Bloodfrenzy from Blackwater Behemoth, the Nameless Octopode from Za’qul and the Zanj’ir Poker (a cute baby Naga!) from Queen Azshara.

In addition to these four, three pets are actually capturable similarly to the Dream Whelpling in the Emerald Nightmare raid. The Blackchasm Crawler can be found in the fountains around Lady Ashvane, the Chitterspine Deepstalker is located on the path to the Blackwater Behemoth in the Darkest Depths and the Trench Slug is right before the Lady Ashvane encounter. These pets cannot be caged. The new dungeon, Operation: Mechagon also has two new pets to collect – the Microbot 8D can drop from the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit, while the Golden Snorf drops from King Mechagon himself.

A map of the locations of the Ravenous Slimes

3. Slimy Pets

To obtain these slimy pets, you need to complete the quest A Curious Discovery which is started near the Ravenous Slimes which are located in these waypoints: (32.9, 39.7) (45.7, 24.9) (71.7, 25.6) (55.1, 48.7). Completing the quest grants you a Prismatic Crystal, which hypnotizes a Critter into following you. If you bring a non-water bound critter to a Ravenous Slime, it will devour it and go away but will appear again the next day when the daily quests are reset. If you feed the same Ravenous Slime for five days (do not have to be consecutive), it will leave a Slimy Cocoon which grants one of seven slimy pets (Darkhunter, Eel, Fangtooth, Hermit Crab, Octopode, Otter, Sea Slug).

You can get Prismatic Crystals near waterfalls in Nazjatar, and you’ll need at least five for a pet. You can feed all four Ravenous Slimes every day for a total of four pets per character at a time. The bad thing is that you can indeed get duplicates from the cocoons, so it will take you a lot of slime feeding to catch ’em all. Obtaining your first slimy pet grants you the From the Belly of the Jelly achievement.

The Stratholme pet dungeon is home to many… weird trainers

4. Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon Pets

With the new patch, a new pet battle dungeon has been released! Defeating Postmaster Malown (after acquiring a hard-to-see Discarded Letter within the dungeon, found in multiple locations), you are rewarded with the Burnout pet. If you finish the dungeon on Challenge Mode, you also get the Minimancer pet.

Alongside those two, the four other pets are purchasable with this dungeon’s currency – Cleansed Remains. You can get one Cleansed Remains per week for every Challenge mode win, and you also have a chance of receiving a world quest while inside that grants you one additional – if you encounter Fras Siabi, complete the world quest by besting him in pet battle combat. The purchasable pets are Ziggy for one, Crypt Fiend for two and Shrieker and Gruesome Belcher for three Cleansed Remains, so it will take you some time to collect all of them.

When it comes to Manapearl pets, you need a lot of grinding

5. Vendor & Reputation Pets

There are many pets obtainable in the wild or through rare and boss drops, but sometimes the pets that are toughest to acquire are the ones that require reputation grind. Thankfully, most of the pets that require a certain reputation rank in 8.2 require Friendly – the Damplight Slug for Horde and Prismatic Softshell for Alliance, so that means they’re not that hard to get. The tougher ones cost different types of currency – the Chitterspine Devourer costs 30 Nazjatar Battle Commendation, which you get after participating in Nazjatar open world PvP with Warmode turned on.

Prismatic Manapearls are also necessary to purchase two pets – you can add the Drowned Hatchling to your collection with 40 of them, while more hardcore Manapearl farmers can buy the Pearlescent Glimmershell for 150. It will certainly take time to get to that amount, but this pink-ish crab is certainly worth the effort! And lastly, in case you’re not Horde or Alliance and can’t get the Slug or the Softshell, you can purchase them on the Auction House for a fair amount of Gold.

Piece of advice: Turn off Warmode when hunting for the rares

6. Rare Drop & Daily Quest Pets

Throughout Nazjatar and Mechagon roam numerous rare creatures that can drop mounts, pets and other items unique to them. Some of the rares spawn quickly, others take more time. Furthermore, a good amount of the Mechagon rares spawn only in certain events that take place on the island – the Reclamation Rig event spawns mobs which you can kill to gain a shirt – the Irradiated Undercoat, which you can equip to snag two pets. The Armored Vaultbot must be kited to a magnet in Bondo’s Scrapyard where you can remove his protective shell before killing it for a pet as well.

I won’t go too much into details on how the rares work, but there are two achievements tied into defeating all of them, and you can find the macros for the rares’ locations here for Mechagon and here for Nazjatar.

And that’s about it for this list! Do you have any more interesting pets that you’re looking forward to collecting? How many pets do you have? Let me know in the comments down below and I’ll see you next time where I’ll be discussing the future of WoW: Classic. (Credits to Wowhead and its users for providing the images for this article!)

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