5 Side Activities to Do in 8.2

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Not enjoying the grind for Pathfinder – Part 2 or finding the rare hunting tedious? Here are five fun activities to do in Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara while waiting for that rare drop mount! A general rule for the activities mentioned below is that they do not require a lot of preparation, grind or being a hardcore raider.

The Hard Mode becomes really easy when playing with friends.

1. Operation: Mechagon – Hard Mode

Back in PTR, a Hard Mode version of the newest dungeon was uncovered, but it was only a few weeks ago when people really started to get the hang of how to proceed after the first three of the hard mode bosses. To enable Hard Mode, you have to defeat the first three bosses while the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit is hovering over them. This will cause Walkie Shockies to spawn during their encounters, adding to the difficulty of the fight. The Walkie Shockies function exactly the same as those spawned by HK-8 during its fight, too.

Next up will be to defeat Hard Mode HK-8. Not only will the Tank Buster hit harder, but it will also have an upgraded Fulminating Zap – requiring the players to stack to soak up a large amount of burst damage. Walkie Shockies have also become deadlier – they connect with a Shock Link – dealing massive damage to players who walk through it. On top of all of those, you’ll have reduced time to cause HK-8 to go Haywire – only 55 seconds.

Hard Mode K.U.-J.0. is enabled by having Robo-Waste fly into the fire before the encounter. A stacking slow debuff is applied to the entire party, slowing up to 80%. Players have to be careful and stay near a crate to evade Venting Flames. King Mechagon is the final altered hard encounter, enabled by pressing a big red button. Then, every 45 seconds, 4 members of the party have to interact on panels to evade a wipe. Tanks should not participate in this during the second phase since they need to be in range of King Mechagon. Doing all of this will land one of you a brand new mount and a 430 ilvl helm. Good luck!

The locations of the four Ravenous Slimes.

2. Feeding Ravenous Slimes

I already mentioned this in a previous article, but I’ll be brief. You can pick up a quest in Nazjatar that rewards you a Prismatic Crystal – an item which charms a critter and causes it to follow you for one hour. You can obtain more of those by picking them up – they’re usually lying around near waterfalls. If you charm a critter and then bring it to one of four Ravenous Slimes in the zone, it will be devoured and the Slime will retreat back in the ground.

Doing this for five days (does not have to be consecutive days!) will cause a Slimy Cocoon to appear after feeding on the fifth day. Opening it will reward you with a Slimy pet, one of seven. Duplicates can drop, but you can also sell them for a hefty sum of gold on the AH. Happy feeding!

The locations of all legendary pets. (Credit: wow-petguide.com)

3. Nautical Nuisances/Mighty Minions of Nazjatar/Mechagon

In the last (thankfully) activity surrounding pet battles, an easy way to ease up on the reputation grind is to slay all of the legendary pet battles in both of the new zones. Doing so requires very few pets (I am looking at you, Ikky), and just patience or pet bandages. A total of 3000 reputation for the Ankoan/Unshackled and 650 reputation for Rustbolt is acquired by turning in all of the quests that you get after defeating the legendary pets.

If you struggle with a certain pet, you can also always find a tutorial on Wowhead, as there are plenty of different strategies you can pursue.

If you’re patient, your bodyguard will become super powerful.

4. Level Up Bodyguards

It’s no secret that leveling up bodyguards provides you with a huge advantage while on Nazjatar. You can rank up one of them every day by completing the daily quests that show up on your map (that give bodyguard XP specifically), and in doing so, they unlock certain abilities and upgrades to these abilities at a certain threshold.

Also, you can receive a toy, mount or pet for reaching rank 20 (20 days of leveling!). If you reached that rank with Neri Sharpfin for Horde or Hunter Akana for Alliance, you can get a cool snapdragon mount. If you’re a pet collector (like me), you can instead opt for Bladesman Inowari for Alliance or Poen Gillbrack for Horde and get a fancy crab pet. The toy is acquired from reaching rank 20 with Vim Brineheart for Horde or Farseer Ori for Alliance.

When it comes to collectables, Mechagon Island has a lot to offer.

5. Mechanospider Questline

If you’re a Mechagon fan and more of a lone wolf, you can complete a quest each day while on the island and after twelve days of doing so, you can snag a rad mechanospider mount with which you can crawl your way to victory.

However, if you don’t like the color grey and would like a different one, you can loot Arachnoid Harvester every day and hope for a rusty mechanospider, or the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit from Operation: Mechagon and maybe take a chance at a snazzy gold and white version.

And that is it for five activities you can do alongside your rep grinds or rare farming. Did I miss something important? Has rare farming been good for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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