5 Secret WoW Bosses

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We all know by know that one of the main objectives in World of Warcraft is killing bosses and getting our hands on those sweet purple epic pieces of gear. Naturally, Blizzard has made sure that there are plenty of different bosses available for us to kill all over the world, however, they have also made sure that some of those bosses are not so easy to find which is why in this article we will be going over five secret WoW bosses.

5. Lurker Below
This boss is located inside of the old raid instance called Serpentshrine Cavern and while this boss is not considered a secret today, back in the days of Burning Crusade, almost nobody knew about him. In order to summon this boss, a player was required to go fishing in a specific pool which could be found inside of the raid instance. Fishing is and always has been a chore of a profession which didn’t offer many benefits in terms of power to the player, so most players rarely committed to it which is part of the reason why this boss was a secret. After fishing inside of the pool, the Lurker Below would appear and players could then kill him in order to get extra loot. The fight itself was kind of difficult but could be made easier by killing another boss in the raid first which would completely negate one of the Lurker’s abilities.

4. Nightbane
This boss is already familiar to most players today, but as was the case with the Lurker Below, back in the day of Burning Crusade, not many people knew about him. Nightbane was a dragon boss located in the raid of Karazhan. Originally, players needed to complete a small quest chain in order to summon Nightbane, but later, after the Legion revamp of Karazhan, players were given a chance to fight Nightbane once again, but this time, in order to summon him players needed to kill specific bosses in a specific amount of time.

3. Endgineer Omegaplugg
This boss used to blow everybody away when it was discovered way back in the early days of WoW. The reason for that is the fact that he was located in a dungeon Gnomeregan which was a low-level dungeon, so nobody suspected that it could hold any important secrets, let alone a max level end boss. In order to fight this boss, players would need to go through the entire dungeon instance, and then in the final room, locate a small red button behind a pillar and press it to summon the boss.

2. High Inquisitor Fairbanks
This one is a secret boss in its purest and most absolute sense. He can be found inside of a dungeon called Scarlet Monastery and is truly a great experience when you find him for the first time. In order to locate him, the players need to finish the instance completely and slay the final boss in the final room. Once that is done, if you look real closely, you might notice a secret switch concealed to look like a torch on the wall, Flipping the switch will unlock a secret room hidden behind a wall in which the boss will be waiting for you.

1. Anzu
Anzu is located inside of the Sethek Halls instance and used to be one of the most popular secret bosses back in the day. To summon Anzu, you would have needed a druid in your party as druids were the only class capable of summoning him, but getting a druid was only half of the requirements. The other half consists of that druid being on the final stages of their epic flying form questline or them having completed it upon which they would have been awarded the key to summon Anzu at will inside the dungeon.

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