15 Years of Warcraft

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After a few Anniversary events that were considered lacking in the eyes of the WoW community, Blizzard seems to be planning to bring goods to collect, challenges to overcome and a special box for collectors for the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft.

First, the 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition box.  It is set to be released on October 8th, available for pre-order now at the Blizzard Gear Shop.The contents of the box is best explained by the blue post itself.

For the mounts that are included in the box, Blizzard decided to put the mounts to the in-game shop to have them release earlier for those who don’t want to wait for the box or for the ones that only want the mounts and not the whole box.

Enough with the appetizers, for the main dish we have the Anniversary Event! According to the official statements, the players will battle against the most iconic bosses in the Warcraft history in 25-man raid groups! This event will be accessible by the Raid Finder so fear not, solo adventurers! If your group manages to overcome all the challenges then you will be rewarded the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount which is reminiscent of Deathwing! Fitting choice when we consider that Deathwing is an iconic boss himself and the Old Gods theme is getting strong in the lore with all the implications we get about N’zoth.

As for dessert, we have the Lil Nefarian Pet for those who simply login during the anniversary event! Another fitting choice as Nefarian was the final boss of Blackwing Lair, a fan-favorite raid in Vanilla WoW, seems like a deliberate choice as the launch date for Classic WoW gets closer.

Will you login to celebrate to 15th anniversary of WoW? Will you take arms and battle against the greatest villains of Warcraft? What do you think of the Collector’s Edition and the mounts that are sold separately? Let us know!

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