10 Useful Things You Need to Know About WoW Classic

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If you are a new player and you consider playing World of Warcraft: Classic you might want to know some useful bits of information before you start your journey after the release today.

Even if you are an old player who played Classic back in the old times, to remember everything is a bit unlikely.

Here are 10 useful things you need to know about WoW Classic:

20/40 Man Raids

The raids in WoW Classic come in 20-man cap and 40-man cap respectively. There are no 10-man and 25-man raids with an exception of Upper Blackrock Spire which was originally introduced as 15-man and later on in patch 1.10.0 changed to 10-man raid but always kept referred to as a dungeon instead of a raid by both players and Blizzard.

Dungeons and Raid Attunements

Attunements in WoW Classic were a thing. Most of the dungeons required some item, usually in a form of a key, in order to unlock some dungeon bosses or skip a part in the instance. Some dungeons required these items to enter the dungeon in a first place.

Even some of the raids required attunements in order for a player to enter. Example of this is Onyxia’s Lair where each player needed to have Drakefire Amulet in their bag in order to enter.

You can read more about Classic attunements here.

Class Availability

WoW Classic was kinda “limited” when it came to classes and races. An example of this is that Paladins were only available for the Alliance while Shamans were only available for the Horde.

You can see more about the limitations in the chart below.

Importance of Class/Race Combinations

The class/race combinations in WoW Classic are really important. Races of Classic had useful racial abilities and bonuses that could be combined for the desired style of play – PvP/PvE.

For example: Human Priests were popular because of the racial human bonus The Human Spirit which gave 5% bonus spirit. Undead Rogues were popular for PvP because of the racial undead Will of the Forsaken which provided immunity for Fear, Charm and Sleep for 5 seconds.

You can find more about class/race combinations here.

No Buff/Debuff Timers

In WoW Classic there are no timers for buffs/debuffs for your character unless you hover over them. Hovering on each and every buff or debuff can be painful.

This was especially tricky for enemy targets because the spells/abilities or debuffs that you apply on your target are not shown with a timer.

Addons in these situations are a must, you can find some useful addons for WoW Classic, including the buff/debuff timers here.

Spells and Abilities Training

You must go to a class trainer, located in the capital cities in order to learn new spells and/or abilities. Generally, new spells and abilities are available on every 2 levels starting from level 2 all the way up to level 60.

Spell Ranks

Spells in WoW Classic have ranks. As a player levels up, higher spell ranks are available to be trained at your class trainer in each capital city.

Some people preferred down-ranking of spells. It’s a technique where a player uses some low level spell ranks with lower efficiency but benefit from faster casting time and lower costs.

No Dual Talent Specialization

In WoW Classic, there is only one primary talent specialization for a player and dual talent specialization isn’t an option here.

Class trainers also provide the option to reset all of your talent points. The cost for resetting talents starts at 1g and increases all the way to 50g cap on each talent reset.

Mounts and Training

You need to know that there are no flying mounts in Classic, everything comes with running in this vast world.

You can train for your first mount once you are level 40. The riding skill provides a mount of 60% speed. It costs 20g to learn the riding skill and additional 80g to purchase a riding mount.

The epic riding skill can be learned at level 60 and provides a 100% mount speed for a cost of 100g for the skill and 900g to purchase a riding mount.

You also need to know that there’s a 10% discount provided for the riding skill and the riding mount once you are honored with the faction from which you are buying the mount.

No Dungeon/Raid Finder

Wow Classic will keep the group experience authentic in order to catch the original Classic spirit as back in the days – thus not adding the dungeon/raid finder.

Back then everything was about grouping up with people for different quests, elite mobs, dungeons and raids.

Keep in mind that pug raiding groups will most likely not be a thing in Classic and in order to raid you will need to be in a serious raiding guild that has 20 or 40 man geared groups.

In addition to this, make sure you keep an eye out on [LookingForGroup] channel because that’s where most of the players look for questing and dungeon buddies to match up with.

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