10 Interesting WoW Classic Lore Bits That You Should Know

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World of Warcraft is a 15-year-old game with seven expansions under its belt so far which is why it is only natural that it would have many interesting stories and memorable events that have taken place. With the WoW Classic now returning to the gaming scene, we have decided to provide you with ten WoW story arcs that you should get familiar with in order to better enjoy Wow Classic.

10. The Faction Conflict
During the time of third war, a large part of the Alliance was destroyed and around that time the new Horde was created as well. Both factions united in order to defeat the burning legion and after they succeeded, a brief time of peace followed during which they built new cities and took some time to enjoy their victory. After a while though, the friction between the factions would increase and eventually they would go up against one another. These small skirmishes later escalated into the large faction war that we know today.

9. Nefarian
Nefarian the dragon who is the eldest son of Deathwing was one of the main antagonists of the old World of Warcraft. He dedicated his life to researching and experimenting with all the Dragon flights in an effort to combine them into an ultimate Dragonflight in order to conquer the world. If you wish to experience the raid which he is the main boss of and completely immerse yourself in Nefarian’s story, then getting acquainted with his lore is a must.

8. Forsaken join the Horde
During this time, the Horde and Alliance weren’t exactly at war as we mentioned, but tensions have started building up. Around the same time, Sylvanas has broken free of Lich King’s influence and she and the Forsaken went on a mission to find a cure for their curse. They offered the horde their loyalty in exchange for knowledge about shamanism and magic and due to Horde needing all the help they could get they accepted their offer.

7. Onyxia and Varian
While most of you know Varian as the leader of the Alliance and king of Stormwind, he wasn’t always as such. During this time, he was on a mission to unite the Horde and the Alliance. Sadly his plans fell through when Onyxia meddled in the Alliance affairs. Onyxia was also one of the shape-shifting dragons and a main villain of vanilla WoW so her story and lore are extremely important to properly enjoy the game.

6. Ahn’Qiraj
This is probably one of the most important and most enjoyable Worlds of Warcraft stories. This occurred later in the expansion and it is a time when the gates of Ahn’Qiraj reopened numerous years after they have been closed after the War of Shifting Sands. These were the times when the players were facing the Old Gods themselves in battle so reading up on it should be a must.

5. Uldaman
Uldaman was the first time that players were introduced to the Titans, the secrets of the WoW Universe and some history of the Dwarves. While this story has been expanded in the later expansions, experiencing the first place where it all began for us as the players is extremely important and is sure to make some of you feel very nostalgic.

4. Zul’Gurub
Zul’Gurub was a raid in vanilla WoW which helped shed some light on the history of trolls, their tribes, and their culture. It is here that we learned about the Troll civil war and their Blood God Hakkar. It is here that the trolls tried to gain Hakkar’s power in order to restore their glory but thankfully we as the players stopped them.

3. Ragnaros
Ragnaros was one of the first denizens of Azeroth and was one of the elemental lords who ruled over the element of fire, however, he was imprisoned with the other lords within the Elemental Plains. Years later he was summoned by a dwarf to be used as a weapon, but Ragnoros had other plans, so he enslaved the dwarves and players were tasked with putting an end to his reign by venturing deep into the Blackrock Mountain.

2. Eranikus
This story ties into the history of the trolls with them trying to resummon the Blood God Hakkar within the Temple of Atal’Hakkar. When Ysera dispatched Eranikus of the Green Dragonflight to put the stop to the trolls, he became corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare. This is where we first hear of the Emerald Dream and the Emerald Nightmare which both become very important in later expansions.

1. The Scourge
While the Lich King was still not a huge threat to the world of Azeroth, many of the Scourge forces started spreading their corruption all over the lands led by Kel’Thuzad. This is when players have gotten one of the largest raids at that time which was Naxxramas. This is also when the roots were set for the whole Wrath of the Lich King expansion which is arguably the best expansion that WoW has ever had.

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